Teeth whitening is the most popular treatment in modern aesthetic dentistry. It is appreciated by both men and women.

For teeth whitening we recommend one-hour session of professional whitening. It is safe and effective method. The active substance is 40% hydrogen peroxide. Advantages of teeth whitening IMEDI:

  • Thanks to neutral pH (7,0) and maximal oxidative activity, the gel is both highly effective and doesn’t damage the enamel;
  • Additionally, the preparation contains a fluoride and potassium nitrate, so that there is no sensitivity after the treatment;
  • to prevent postoperative hypersensitivity we don’t use light activation;
  • it can be applied to alive teeth, as well as to dead teeth;
  • usually the treatment takes one hour (3-4 applications)
  • colour of the teeth is further lightened within 12-24 hours after surgery.