Surgical and implant treatment

As a part of the dental surgery we conduct teeth extraction, wisdom teeth chiselling, root resection, undercutting of frenulum and also implant treatments rebuilding dentition. All treatments are performed under local anaesthesia.

Implants from Osstem company

IMPLANT is a little titanic screw, which is implanted by the doctor to the jawbone in place of the missing tooth. Treatment is conducted under local anaesthesia and is absolutely painless. For about six months implant accretes to the bone. Only when it is fully stabilized, doctor attaches the connector and the prosthetic crown, which looks like natural tooth. In case of complete toothlessness stomatologist can do a denture, which is stabilized on two or four implants. A great advantage of this prosthesis is high comfort of use and stability. We use implants made by Osstem in Korea, USA and Germany. At the moment they are the biggest manufacturer on the market.