Oral cavity is an organ that works properly only in the set. Remember! Lack of at least one tooth causes disorders in the functioning of oral cavity.


VENEERS – are very thin flakes of porcelain attached to the labial side of teeth. They are aesthetic and constant supplement, perfectly eliminate discoloration of teeth and gaps between teeth, change the shape and colour of teeth. Veneers in all lightings retain the properties of natural teeth.

The main advantage of veneers is a small reduction of tooth tissue – from 3 to 30%

Dental crown

Dental crown is  permanent  supplement  imitating  regular shape, colour and  function of the damaged tooth. Crowns can be done on both, dead  and  alive teeth, and also on teeth roots with completely destroyed crown. In such situation we make an extra reinforcement – crown – root insert. We offer:

  • Porcelain crown on metal foundation ;
  • full ceramic (porcelain e.max);
  • zirconium oxide (very aesthetic)

Dental bridge

Bridge is a permanent complement, performed in order to complete the missing tooth or teeth. The teeth adjoining the gap are used as pillars, between them there is a suspended span rebuilding the deficiency. We offer bridges:

  • Porcelain on metal foundation ;
  • zirconium oxide (very aesthetic);


Denture is s movable (removable from the mouth) prosthetic filling, which rebuilds all lost teeth or lack of some of them. When patient suffers from edentulous denture fixings can be improved by the use of implants (2-4 pcs.) as coupling elements. Roots of teeth undergoing canal root treatment can be used for improving the retention of denture in the oral cavity, by providing them in special retention hooks. We offer dentures:

  • acrylic;
  • skeletal – partially metal. Very precise, easy to use, hygienic and comfortable