Prevention and hygiene

Prevention is a branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention of the formation of dental diseases.

Basic prevention treatments:

  • Ultrasonic scaling – we should remove tartar once or twice a year, it will prevent gums from lowering and unveiling the tooth neck, and reduce the risk of periodontitis and teeth loss;
  • Sandblasting – treatment consists of the removal of the enamel surface sediment derived from tea, coffee, cigarettes or other colouring substances. It is recommended to undergo this treatment once or twice a year;
  • Fluoridation is supposed to eliminate hypersensitivity and strengthen the enamel. It has anticaries effect for both adults and children. Fluoridation is recommend every 6 months for adults, every 3 months for children.
  • Remineralization of the enamel – Embarance Varnish, which in addition to fluoride contains xylitol, calcium and phosphorus. Ions of fluoride, calcium and phosphorus are liberated slowly causing the remineralization of the enamel. This treatment is especially recommended for patients with the exposed neck of the tooth, mouth dryness, prone to tooth Decay and undergoing head and neck radiotherapy.
  • Sealing consists in filling the furrows with dental sealant; This is a preventive treatment routinely used to prevent tooth decay in young premolars and molars.

What you should keep in your bathroom to make sure that your teeth are clean:

  • Toothbrush – we recommend Swiss manual toothbrushes Curaprox and sonic toothbrush Philips;
  • Dental floss
  • Curaprox tongue cleaner
  • Mouthwash – we recommend Swiss liquid Curasept
  • Toothpaste – on the market there are many different toothpastes, during your appointment hygienist will choose the right one depending on individual needs.

All of the above products are available in IMEDI clinic.