Conservative and endodontic treatment

The Times of painful treatments in dental surgery are long gone. Modern stomatology is not only about healthy teeth, but also smile aesthetics. Painless treatments ensure comfort, that is very important for the patients. Remember! Every moment is good to begin dental treatment, but the sooner you visit the dentist, the better results we can get.

Conservative dentistry deals with the prevention, treatment and restoration of teeth, preserving their other functions such as smile aesthetics at the same time. In IMEDI we perform treatments at the highest level, using modern technology and high quality materials.

Modern techniques used in endodontic treatment (canal root treatment):

  • dental loupes made by Heine, Germany – magnifying the treatment area 2,5 times and at the same time thoroughly illuminating;
  • Endometer made by Morita, Japan – is a device for measuring the length of root canals;
  • Radiovisiography Kodak Carestream 5100 – produces high-resolution digital X-ray images; Digital technology in the dental shooting iMedia allows to reduce the dose of radiation;
  • Endodontic micro motor made by Bien Air, Swiss is used used for mechanical preparation and cleaning of root canals;
  • system for root canals filling with liquid guta-percha BeeVill VDW -ensures airtight of canals and side canals;
  • instruments – we use hand and rotary tools made of extremely enduring alloys, usually nickel and titanium. We use the instruments of the highest quality produced by Mani and VDW;
  • Cofferdam – protects the tooth from the saliva, and therefore from bacteria living in the mouth.