Aesthetic Medicine

It helps you stop the time. Thanks to almost non-invasive treatments you can improve both, your appearance and mood.


  • botulinum toxin,
  • works anti-wrinkle, especially on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and mouth. Botox is inserted through a very fine needle into particular muscle fibres, causing their local paralysis and prevent excessive shrinkage so that wrinkles even out. The treatment is painless, but it must be repeated every 6 months;
  • treatment of excessive hands, feet or armpits sweating. It can be performed under local anaesthesia, and must be repeated every 6 months;
  • Platelet rich plasma comes from patient’s blood. Biostimulation of skin cells makes the skin smoother, more flexible and visibly younger. Treatment dedicated to patients, who appreciate natural products.
  • Hyaluronic acid, comes from our skin, binds water in the skin and makes it elastic. We lose it when we age. During mesotherapy acid is inserted into the skin. It:
  • Fills wrinkles;
  • moisturizes, revitalizes and firms the skin;
  • stimulates regeneration processes;
  • corrects face outline;
  • enlarges lips.

Depending on the age, skin condition and other personal predispositions treatment should be repeated.

  • Carboxytherapy is based on intradermal, controlled, needle injection with CO2, in order to:
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • reduce cellulite;
  • reduce fat excesses;
  • improve skin condition after pregnancy and weight loss;
  • reduce dark circles under eyes;
  • deal with hair loss

The treatment is performed in series of 3-8 treatments, once a week. Dark circles can be eliminated after 3 treatments.