Laser Hair Removal

LightSheer Desire by Lumenis is a diode laser designed to permanently and effectively remove hair, in a safe way for all skin types. The laser and emitted Energy are not harmful, it reaches only 2 mm under the skin. It works only superficial, without disturbing body functions, so patients regardless of age can undergo such treatment.

LightSheer Desire works on two heads:

  • Small head for very effective and precise hair removal. It has a sapphire cooling tip, which relieves pain and prevent burns even at very high power.
  • Large head is a combination of large surgicsl area and hypotension. Due to that we can perform very quick, effective, and almost painless permanent depilation of large areas of the body like the legs, back and chest.

What makes LightSheer Desire special:

  • high power reduces the number of treatments by improved effectiveness. We recommend 5 treatments. The first treatment removes 30% of hair, another 15%;
  • In 2014 and 2015 cosmetology gold laurel as the best laser for permanent hair removal;
  • higher power is more efficient depilation of thin light hair;
  • Better cooling – greater safety of the treatment;
  • Large head- painless and fast treatment