Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis is one of the easiest, but at the same time most important, examinations, that should be made when starting working together with a dietician. It is a quick way of checking BMI, body fat % and hydration, which are highly connected with health.

Body Composition Analyser is based on BIA method – the so-called. bioelectrical impedance. Low, safe amperage goes through the body by the electrodes on the analyser. The analyser looks like a normal weight, and the whole examination reminds weighing.

The current emitted by the analyser is smoothly transmitted by tissues with high water content, such as muscles and internal organs, it encounters resistance when going through adipose tissue. Based on the conductivity, results are shown on the display.

Throughout the day hydration of the body changes (in the morning, after a night’s sleep, we are dehydrated, during the day the body retains fluids), therefore it is best to do the body composition analysis at similar times and conditions. After intense physical activity or disease results may be unreliable. Basic contraindication to analyse the composition of the body is having a pacemaker. You must have bare feet during the analysis.

For body composition analysis we use Tanita analyser.