Care of the experienced nutritionist is one of the most important things, concerning preventive healthcare or assisting treatment. All aspects of human life depend on, among other things, healthy eating habits.


  • Makes you feel confident by losing weight;
  • Makes you feel mentally better; helps control emotions,
  • Boosts fertility,
  • Improves your performance and focus,
  • promotes physical strength,
  • eases recovery.

In IMEDI we believe in individual approach. Our nutritionist will take into account your lifestyle, work system, culinary and financial preferences, and create meal plan suiting your needs. In IMEDI you can also try unique genetic test GENODIETA – Metabolic Panel, which results help create meal plan perfect for the patient.

We rely on proven scientific methods, the most important thing for us is the comfort and safety of the patient. With our dietician you will permanently change your eating habits, regain vital forces, improve test results, lose weight without yo-yo effect.

Check our offer and see how we can help.